Week 38

Week 38

During this week, the tilapia market was marked by daily fluctuations in raw materials prices. In Hainan, the price stood at RMB 10.8/kg, while Guangdong saw a higher rate of RMB 11.2/kg. These changes posed challenges for factories, especially in quoting new enquiries and managing existing orders, which were often signed at lower prices, leading to financial losses. Market analysts estimated that the total farming reduction of about 40-50% for the year would result in a smaller raw materials supply before the year’s end. Amidst these uncertainties, some farmers expressed interest in cultivating new fish stocks, although the limited availability of fry was a concern. Most clients were adopting a cautious stance, waiting to see if the situation would improve in October, except for those without stock who were compelled to buy in smaller quantities.

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