Week 09: Temporary Disruptions and Strategic Shifts

Week 09: Temporary Disruptions and Strategic Shifts

The week saw temporary production stops in five Guangdong factories mainly exporting to Mexico, due to issues arising from high price reports for tax refunds. The situation led to a reduction in raw materials prices in Guangdong to RMB 9.2-9.3/kg, while in Hainan, it was RMB 9.0/kg. Factories like Hainan Xiangtai and Zhanjiang Universal seized the opportunity to secure more orders from Mexico. Hainan Tongwei, which had done well in the Russian market the previous year, was now seeking orders from the USA due to a slowdown in Russia. Hainan Sky Blue maintained stable orders by focusing on high-value markets and deep-skinned fillets. Hainan Jiadexin experimented with seabass, exploring new market opportunities following significant orders received after a key visit to Israel. The factories were preparing for the upcoming Boston trade fair.

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