Week 15

Week 15

The raw materials price is rmb 11.2/kg in Hainan and Guangdong rmb 11.8/kg. With price reduce before our Qingming festival, there are 2 or 3 days with good supply in Hainan, but this week the supply in Hainan is about 40-50%; In Guangdong supply are quite short around 30%, so the materials price returned to rmb 11.8/kg now.

Another issue is that the materials size is small and middle size now, and lack of big size. The farmers catch more fish with current good price level without waiting the fish grow bigger. Though every one estimate the price will go down, the new offers are not low.

The new supply people estimate that it will be around May beginning or May middle.

USA has less stock; they are waiting for the price reduces. But when price reduce, the capacity maybe not left many.

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