Week 13

Week 13

The raw materials price is rmb 11.6/kg in Hainan and Guangdong rmb 12/kg in early this week, but the supply of raw materials becomes less. In Hainan, the supply continues to be 30-40%, and Guangdong 40%, With this level, all the plants lost money for the orders signed and can’t finish the orders timely; Then all the suppliers both in Guangdong and Hainan decided to work together to push the raw materials price going down and reduce rmb 0.4/kg from this Thursday.

Next week, it is Qingming festival which is important holiday and the processing of plants will stop 3 days. Till now no farmers give the collection price after Apr. 6, will see how the situation is. But as current estimation, the fish supply in Apr. is still to be short.

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